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Anthony enjoys a new beautiful Smile with Neodent Dental Implants

“ 20 years after canal treatment, my tooth got infected again, forcing me to go back through the treatment. Three years after the second treatment, I felt a discomfort again, which sent me back to the dentist. After a few tests, my dentist diagnosed a likely fracture in the root of one of my upper molars. To solve the root fracture, my dentist suggested removing the tooth and inserting an implant on the same day. Without a shadow of a doubt this was the best solution, because I felt great discomfort when the tooth was missing.”

Sergio R., 38 years old, university lecturer

“ I lost a tooth riding my bike when I was 12. I always wanted an implant, but, because I only had my first surgery when I was 30, I had already suffered bone loss and I had to have a graft before the implant could be inserted. Both the operation and the post-op went well. A dream came true! Before, I worried about smiling. Now, I love laughing, being in photos, even my lips look fuller.”

Suse S., 47 years old, teacher

“ I began losing my teeth before turning 20 and had to start using a removable prosthesis. I
never smiled, because I was embarrassed. Last year, I lost the last of my teeth, and my dentist
recommended a full protocol with implants. The diagnosis was quick. The surgery was on a
Saturday morning and, by the end of the day, the prosthesis was in. I felt like a new person! I
don’t feel embarrassed any more, I smile at everyone!”

Irene C. R., 59 years old, retired

More than 35 million Americans do not have any teeth, and 178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth. 1

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