Main advantages of treatment with implant

Esthetics > natural-looking smile

Implants, beyond looking more like natural teeth, help stop the process of bone resorption, which happens when the patient loses a full tooth (crown and root) and which can change the appearance of the face.

Durability > Proven long-lasting solution

Implants are a solution designed to last a lifetime, particularly when combined with prosthetic components by the same brand as the implant (originals)(3).

Conservation of the natural teeth

In the conventional technique, the teeth adjacent to the teeth lost have to be filed down to be used as anchors for a bridge. But dental implants generally eliminate the need to interfere with healthy teeth.

Preservation of the bone structure

The implants transmit the force of chewing to the jaw bone, thus helping to conserve it. In the case of partial prostheses or conventional bridges, the bone gradually suffers resorption, which, as described above, can change your facial expression.

Preservation of the palate

Covering areas of oral mucosa with removable prostheses interferes with the palate. This does not happen in the case of implants, which are more comfortable and can avoid the need to use removable prostheses.

Maintaining quality of chewing > Eat normally

Dental prostheses supported by implants improve chewing efficiency and effectiveness in addition to improving the patient’s nutrition.

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3. Vieira RA, Melo AC, Budel LA, Gama JC, de Mattias Sartori IA, Thomé G. Benefits of rehabilitation with implants in masticatory function: is patient perception of change in accordance with the real improvement? J Oral Implantol. 2014 Jun;40(3):263-9.