More than 30 years ago(1, 2) dentistry developed a way to replace the root of the tooth with an implant. For many people this can mean social reintegration and quality of life. Many patients’ faces are lit up with a broad smile when they decide to have an implant, because it means so much more than just recovering the physiological masticatory function(3, 4), supporting diction and improving digestion. It also means enhancing their self-esteem.

That is why, since 1993, Neodent has been working to bring excellent and innovative solutions to the market, because we know that, for many, receiving an implant is about more than health, it is about putting joy back in their lives.


Living a balanced and healthy life means living a long life, but with one major difference: living with quality is what is most important. With every passing day more people are seeking quality of life, and a balanced diet and regular exercise are what count most towards staying healthy. However, it is also important to pay attention to your oral health, because your mouth is where nutrition begins.

In the past, people just had to accept the natural appearance of their teeth. But now, thanks to cosmetic dentistry solutions and dental implants, anyone who is worried about their smile, and not just visually, but also in health terms, has a number of dental solutions open to them.

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Patient Stories

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