One Step Hybrid

The definitive solution for the Immediate Loading of a Full Arch Prosthesis

  • Greater convenience for the patient, offering an immediate final solution without the need for a provisional prosthesis;
  • Lower costs for both you and your patient;
  • Great predictability with a proven 98.9% success rate1.
  • Unique protocol for a hybrid prosthesis providing a passive fit
  • Possibility to use multiple implants using straight or angled abutments 17° & 30°

Multiple Advantages, One Single Treatment

Titamax EX Implants

  • Designed for type III and IV bone
  • Expander apex designed to facilitate placement and under preparation of the osteotomy
  • Scientifically validated for immediate-loading procedures2
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Morse Taper (CM) Connection

  •  5.75° Morse Taper
  • Minimum platform switch of 0.35mm
  • Designed to reduce the occurrence of micro-movement
  • Designed for optimal preservation of crestal bone and soft tissue
  • 17º - and 30º - angled abutments are available


Passive Adjustment Coping

  • Copings designed to give excellent passive adjustment between the abutment and the cast framework
  • The framework can be unscrewed, ensuring minimal micro-movement
  • Excellent fit, comparable to frameworks made using CAD/CAM

Titamax Implants

  • Designed for type I and II bone
  • V-shaped thread designed to obtain primary stability
  • New apex design providing excellent cutting power
  • Scientifically validated for immediate
    loading procedures 3, 4, 5 and 6
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Specially Designed Apex

Mini Conical Abutment One Step Hybrid Copings
Working Screw One Step Hybrid
Micro Conical Abutment One Step Hybrid Copings
Transepitelial Abutment One Step Hybrid Copings
CM Abutment One Step Hybrid Copings

Demonstration Sequence

Normalization of alveolar flaps.




Placement of square transfers, replaced by short screws (Mini conical Abutment cylinder screw) and impression copings splinted with acrylic resin.


Castable One Step Hybrid Coping, Brass One Step Hybrid Coping, grooved Titanium One Step Hybrid Coping with lower dimension than the brass, which compensates for the cement space during the casting process.

Adapting the framework over the model.


Surgical drilling completed, obtaining adequate distance from Distal implant in relation to the mental foramen

Positioning of Multifunctional Guide to obtain intermaxillary ratios. Joining transfers with acrylic resin. After splinting, soft silicone is injected to take the soft tissue impression

Brass Copings are placed over Castable ring with waxed framework. analogs, then Castable Copings are fixed by working screws.



Please note cementing area.



Placement of 5 implants.




Removal of Multi-Funcional Guide and placement of Mini Conical Abutment analogs to the impression copings.



Castable ring with waxed framework.






Cement the structure over the titanium coping using Panavia® (Kuraray Med. Tokyo-Japan)

Placement of CM Mini Conical Abutments.



Working model with artificial gum.






Cast framework.







Final inside-mouth view.



My self esteem has improved and my friends tell me that I am like a new person after the surgery. I feel
younger and healthier. Now I need to follow the proper home care routine to maintain my new smile.

E.L., 51 years old*


*The identity of the patient has been changed to protect their privacy.

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