Distal Bar

Technique used to ease mandible rehabilitation, through a provisional hybrid type prostheses supported by implants.

Recommended for distal Implants to reinforce the Cantilever.

Distal Bar Coping
Polishing Protector
Distal Bar

Demonstration Sequence

Abutments placed




Placement of rubber dike over copings to protect soft tissue.



Removal of inferior prostheses after resin is polymerized, copings already captured.

Prostheses wearing, keeping posterior region integrity.



Applying selfpolymerizing acrylic resin on copings.



Wearing, finishing and polishing inferior prostheses with polishing protectors.

Placing of copings to central Implants and Distal Bar to distal Implants.


Applying acrylic resin between copings.



Provisional implant supported prostheses completed.


Proof of inferior prostheses wearing (centered occlusion position, no interference on copings).

Applying to worn area in lower prostheses, repositioning inside mouth, patient in occlusion until total polymerization.

Final posterior inside-mouth view.