Implant Solutions

The Neodent implant system offers a wide range of products designed to help clinicians deliver solutions to patients of all clinical needs and bone types.


  • High bone maintenance supporting a natural and esthetic emergence profile.(2)
  • One prosthetic connection for more simplicity.
  • Proven Cone Morse enhancing exceptional long-term mechanical stability.

The Solution For Narrow Restorative Spaces

  • 2.9mm small diameter implant developed for challenging esthetic areas;
  • Designed to preserve bone and tissue in limited interdental spaces;
  • Versatile prosthetic options: single-unit, cement-retained, multi-unit
  • screw-retained to multi-unit overdentures;

The WS line of implants is particularly suited to deal with situations where there is reduced bone availability.

  • Zygomatic CM
  • Zygomatic He

Acqua, the hydrophilic surface, is designed to increase wettability

Regenerative Solutions 


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