Abutment Types

Whether for single, bridge or full-denture restorations the highly precise abutment range is diverse, clearly structured and meets all requirements.

Impression taking

Impression posts

Get it right in one go with Medentika’s high precision and rotation secured impression posts for open or closed tray impression taking.

Lab Analog

Get the real feel. Medentika’s lab implants for are made of stainless steel, rotation secured and inscribed for easier differentiation. High precision analogs for any of the Medentika abutment series, allowing compatibility with all major implant brands.

Crown and bridge restorations

Temporary Abutments

Temporary abutments made fast and easy- that is the design maxim of Medentika’s very attractively priced temporary abutments, which are just as easy to use as customized gingiva former.

Standard abutment straight / angled

Medentika’s standard abutments are ideal for cementable crowns and bridges in aesthetically demanding indications. Reduce the time to modify the abutment thanks to reduced shoulder design. And reduce your processing time by choosing the optimum from 2 available gingival heights. Standard abutments are available in straight and angled design.

Solid Abutments

The solid abutment can be used for cementable crown-, bridge- and telescope restorations. It consists of a titanium alloy and can be custom grinded to compensate for divergences to the implant axis.

HSL Abutments

The HSL abutment is versatile. Occlusally screw-retained single crowns, customised abutments for cementable bridge restorations and primary crowns for compensation of diverging implants in telescope crown work can be made with the aid of the cast-on technique. The HSL abutment consists of a prefabricated, castable platform made from a high-fusing precious metal alloy and a screw channel made from non-residual burnout plastic.

POC Abutments

Medentika patented POC abutment opens up many possibilities for the design of customized abutments. With POC (press-on ceramics), a stable, leucite-reinforced ceramic is pressed gap-free on the metal platform of the POC in the corresponding CTE range according to a customized wax pattern. Customized ceramic emergence profiles can be pressed very easily and cost-effectively in the anterior and posterior region of the upper and lower jaws using the POC abutments.

Hybrid restoration

MedentiLOC Abutments

  • The cost-effective alternative to the Locator™ abutment.
  • The MedentiLOC® abutment is compatible with the Novaloc™ matrix systems. The MedentiLOC® high precision abutment is an attractively priced alternative for retaining overdentures. It’s easy of use and the possibility to use chairside are outstanding features of the MedentiLOC® abutment.
  • The angled MedentiLOC abutments now enable you to compensate very comfortably for any divergences between implants.

Digital Solutions

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MedentiBASE Abutments

MedentiBASE® abutments offer full flexibility to design a wide range of multi-unit, conventional or CAD/CAM manufactured bar and bridge restorations in the upper or lower jaws. You can choose between screw-retained bar and bridge restorations and MedentiBASE® adhesive bases for a passive fit of the screw-retained bar and bridge restorations. MedentiBase® abutments and MedentiBase® prosthetic components consist of  very precise complementary parts allowing maximum material diversity.

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Titanium Bases

Medentika titanium bases – original diversity for excellent prosthetics.

Medentika titanium bases adapt to a large variety of indications and are available for all major implant systems. Medentika titanium bases are always original – regardless of whether used as rotational titanium bases for multi-unit restorations or indexed titanium bases with short or long chimney for single restorations.


One scanbody design to cover two workflows. Medentika’s titanium scanbodies offer high precision and durability for intra oral scanning as well as for conventional use in a desktop scanner. Their special-coated surface is optimized for scanning and allows sterilization. Medentika’s scanbodies are designed for the utilization of  Medentika’s titan bases as well as for the customized MedentiCAD abutments.

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  • Sicherheit bei der Planung der Prothetik
  • Lasermarkierung mit 1 und 2, Entspricht Typ 1 und Typ 2 bei angulierten  Abutments
  • Gut sichtbare Rille zur direkten Bestimmung der unterschiedlichen Gingivahöhen
  • Aus Aluminium
  • Rot eloxiert